Providing Competent And Ethical Collection Representation For Creditors

We at Innocenti Legal, LLC, provide representation and guidance for local banks, hospitals, small businesses and other creditors seeking to collect money owed to them. When choosing us, you are selecting a core group of individuals with extensive experience who work as a cohesive team. At our Lancaster law office, we have an attorney and paralegal with 50 years of combined experience in the collections area.

We conduct collection activities properly. While we take the necessary steps to maximize your recovery, we are prudent in our collection methods. We abide by all Ohio and Federal statutes pertaining to collection of debts, and we use our knowledge of the law to resolve the collection of debts in a legal and ethical fashion.

The General Collection Representation We Provide

We are a full service collection firm that provides a wide variety of services to creditors. We also routinely litigate collection matters in courts throughout Ohio. The kinds of legal services we provide include:

  • The generation of 30-day fair debt collection letters
  • Filing of lawsuits on your behalf and litigation of accounts
  • The filing of certificate of judgment liens and judgment debtor exams
  • Garnishment of wages and attachments to bank accounts

Representing Creditors During Bankruptcy Proceedings

A bankruptcy filing by a debtor can create complications for banks and businesses. It is important to have on your side a lawyer who can represent your status as a creditor during these proceedings.

Besides understanding collections law, we also understand bankruptcy law. We can help monitor accounts during Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings to ensure that no potential claims are overlooked during the collection process. We assess all claims, file proof of claims and make recommendations to you concerning the correct action to pursue. We provide guidance for future actions regarding adversarial claims as well, and we will file adversarial claims for you.

Contact Our Law Firm For Further Information

For experienced collection services and legal representation, contact Innocenti Legal, LLC, in Lancaster and Columbus, by calling 740-689-1372.