Bankruptcy Attorney Offering You A Fresh Financial Start

Bankruptcy offers you a fresh financial start. Innocenti Legal, LLC's staff includes an attorney and paralegals with extensive consumer bankruptcy experience. This includes routinely filing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions. It also concerns discussing your bankruptcy and other financial options in great depth.

We will not pressure you into making any decisions. We are here to educate you on the bankruptcy process. Even if you do not retain us as a firm, we still strive to provide you the best information available concerning the process for filing bankruptcy.

Helping Restore Your Financial Independence

Being in debt is an extremely stressful circumstance. It means telephone calls and letters from creditors trying to collect from you. Without a resolution to your debt, there is a chance you will lose your possessions and even your home.

  • Bankruptcy can put a stop to creditor harassment and wage garnishment. Due to a number of exemptions within State and Federal Law, a bankruptcy filing can in some circumstances protect you from seizure of certain kinds of property. Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows for you to clear away all unsecured debt so long as you meet certain requirements.
  • On the other hand, Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows for you to reorganize your debt to pay back creditors in a more manageable way. It can also eliminate certain unsecured debt and even in some instances allow for you to get out from under a second mortgage on your home.
  • At Innocenti Legal, LLC, we will educate you regarding your bankruptcy options and advise you on which method best meets your needs. We will let you know if you meet the requirements for filing bankruptcy and tell you what to expect from the entire process.

A Bankruptcy Lawyer With An Eye For Detail

Though a bankruptcy filing may provide financial relief, such matters require careful handling. It is important to address all creditors in the process to eliminate all potential debt. It is also important to understand what debt can and cannot be discharged by a bankruptcy filing.

We take care to make certain no oversights occur during the bankruptcy process. Should issues arise, we will address them with the bankruptcy trustee and bankruptcy court.

Law Firm Providing Debt Solutions

Schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Lancaster bankruptcy attorney. We provide representation not only in Lancaster and Columbus but also throughout Fairfield and Franklin Counties as well as all of Central Ohio. Contact our law firm by calling 740-689-1372.